Introduction: How to Turn an Easybake Into a Claybake

This is for the easybake ovens that use a light bulb.

I had been experimenting with an easybake that I had picked up at a thrift store; I wanted to use it to cook sculpey. Well, the oven got way to hot. If I left it in for 15 minutes the clay looked like lava rock (looked really cool. Smelled really bad.) If I left it in for 3 minutes it seemed cooked but was crumbly and ended up falling apart. Not good.

So here is what you will need for this incredibly easy "claybake".

Easybake oven (plus pans and pan pusher if you plan on really using this oven)

40 watt light bulb


This instructable

Step 1: Locate and Remove Back Panel

Well, the title for this step pretty much sums it up. You want to unscrew and remove the back panel (this is where that screwdriver comes in handy). Use caution when removing it because there is most likely a light bulb attached.

Step 2: Totally Obvious Title That I'm Not Gonna Write

Alright! If there is a light bulb in the socket you want to remove it and put in the 40 watt light bulb. Don't throw away the old bulb though! You can remove its innards and turn it into an awesome diorama.

Step 3: Stick It All Back Together

Relying on your trusty screwdriver reassemble the oven.

It's best to let the oven pre-heat for 15 min before using and cook according to the instructions on you clay package (which is usually 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch). And remember you can only cook things that will fit in the pans, such as beads, pendants, miniatures and things like that.

Well that's all, enjoy!