Turning a Well Room Into a Year Round Growroom

Introduction: Turning a Well Room Into a Year Round Growroom

In my basement we had an old well room that could not be used. Since I am such an avid gardener we decided to make it into an indoor grow room. I use the grow room about 9 months out of the year. I use it to start plants inside for my garden. I also use it to grow fresh vegetables during the winter.
Here are the steps I take every year to start it up again.

Step 1: Converting the Well Room Into a Grow Room

Here are pictures of what the well room looks like when it is empty. There is a grow room shelf, 2 fans, an old coffee table, and the lamp. 1 fan for circulating air and the other fan is to take the air out. I use an old flag to cover over the door. The old door was metal and rusted, so we removed it. I have plans on building a shelf/door that will hide the room.

The room is 4 by 8.

Step 2: Cleaning and Sterilizing the Planters

The first thing I do is get my planters out. I must sterilize and clean them for the grow room. It is very important to clean all the materials that will be used in the grow room every year. I Use hot soapy water to clean the planters. It is important to clean everything to kill diseases and other bacterias that could harm the plants.

Step 3: Cleaning and Sterilizing the Grow Room

while the planters are drying I sterilize and clean the well room using ammonia and Pine Sol. I have a drain in the floor so it makes it easy. I painted the room white a few years ago. After this growing season I will have to paint it again.
The second picture is of the audience I had while setting up the grow room. ;)

Step 4: Setting Up the Grow Room

Once Everything is dry and sterilized, I place a plastic garbage bag on top of the old coffee table to protect it from water.
Next, I place my planters on the shelfs.

I Also placed a lime tree and a tropical plant in the grow room. I added new soil to both of the plants to give them added nutrients.

Then, I place my circulating fan in the corner and plug in both fans.  The out take fan runs outside like a dryer vent.

I also place a thermometer in the grow room, that measures humidity and temperature.

And last I place a humidifier in the room to add moisture.

Step 5: Selecting What Plants to Grow

The pictures shows some of the seeds I will start in the grow room. I also have an order from burpee on its way. The last picture is of my lime tree and tropical plant.

Step 6: Materials You Will Need to Start the Plants.

In these 11 pictures you will see all the materials I used to start up my grow room.
1. & 2. The first two pictures show my seeds in the container that I keep it in. The containers airtight, Sun resistant, and waterproof.
3. The third picture is of 5 gallon grow bags. Usually in the eary spring I will buy fruit trees off of eBay and start them in the grow room until they are ready to be planted outside.
4. soil- I use a mixture of organic soil, bat droppings, & a regular bag of soil.
5. Picture 5 shows the containers I use to start my plants.
6. Picture 6 shows the grow light that I use. I run the light 12 hours on and 12 hours off using a timer. Replace the bulb every year. The light bulb is the most expensive part of the grow room.
7. In this picture it shows the white circulating fan that I use to push air around the grow room and plants.
8. Picture 8 shows clear wrap- In the beginning I cover my plants with clear wrap to promote moisture.
9. Picture 9 shows A Thermometer to gauge heat and humidity. Like to keep the grow room above 72.
10. Picture 10 shows, wooden sticks and a Sharpie to label my planners.
11. Picture 11 shows, I Use these larger round planters for my tomatoes.
Not pictured...I also use a humidifier  and a spray bottle.  The humidifier is used to add moisture and gives grow room a typical feel.  I use the spray bottle to spray a mist in the room and on the plants. 

Step 7: Planting

These 10 pictures show you the steps we took in planting are seeds.

1. I fill the planters with dirt
2. I use a sharpie or my finger to poke a hole in the dirt.
3. Next i place my seed in the hole and cover it with dirt.
4. I place the planter on the shelf.
I Also added more organic fertilizer to my lime tree and tropical plant to promote growth.

Step 8: Finishing Steps

The finishing steps in the grow room are very typical for any garden.

First, I water all my plants.

Next, I check to make sure that they all are getting light.

Last, I cover my plants with clear wrap to promote moisture. Once my plants start to sprout, I will remove the clear wrap.

Step 9: Grow Room Maintenance

I check on the grow room a few times a week to water, and check on everything. once the plants start to sprout I will check on them every day.
Most plants will sprout in 2 to 3 weeks. (I will add to this instructables once they start to sprout.)

Step 10: Updated

1. Lettuce spinach and white cabbage are sprouting.!!!
2. latest pictures 2/6/14

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    Marcaine Art
    Marcaine Art

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool. I have a strange very large shower room in my basement that I want to do this with.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I waited for years and am so glad I finally just did it 2 years ago. I was worried about the electric bill with the lamp, but It wasn't that big of a deference.