Introduction: How to Turn Disposable Gloves to Conductive Gloves

Didn't you have to take off your gloves when you had to text someone outside? Don't let your hands freeze in the cold! You can simply attach sugru on the tips of fingers (on gloves, of course) and be able to touch the screen!

All you need is a disposable sugru, glove, scissors, and conductive copper tape.

Step 1: Cut Tips of Thumb & Index Finger

Leave small marks so your copper tape can go through inside.

Step 2: Make Your Sugru

Soften your sugru to a little bowl shape!

Step 3: Cut Your Tape!

Cut your copper tape and poke a hole through your sugru. Then, take the white tape off of copper.

Step 4: Place Your Sugru on Top of the Finger Tip

Step 5: Thread a Copper Tape Through

Thread a copper tape through the sugru. Fold the copper tape so that the sticky side faces up. Facing up sticky part goes into the finger tip.

Step 6: Adhere Copper Tape to the Glove

Once copper tape sets on the glove, take scissors to cut off the leftover portion of the tape.

Step 7: Tada!

Follow the same steps for index finger.

This can be applied to other gloves if you desire!