Introduction: How to Un-block ProjectPlaylist on Myspace

Myspace recently blocked HTML codes from music site Project Playlist ''(or''. This guide will teach you how to get your Project Playlist BACK onto your Myspace page!

This method was NOT discovered by me. I give all credit to LinkofAuburn; I just took his instructions and made a guide. You can see his original instructions here

Step 1: Getting Playlist HTML Code

Log into your account on ProjectPlaylist. On the top bar, you will see "Post Playlist". This will bring you to the screen you see below. Click "Get the code for myspace >>"

Step 2: Copy HTML Code Into Working Environment

ProjectPlaylist will generate a code for you to copy into Myspace. HOWEVER, this code is blocked by Myspace, so we must edit it in order to get it working again. Copy this code into Notepad / TextEdit / any similar text program.

Step 3: Finding and Copying Long URL

Your code will look something like this.
Take the very long link (src="") and copy/cut it out of the document.

Step 4: Shorten Long URL

Open a new window in your internet browser to
Past the long link from your ProjectPlaylist HTML code into the "Long URL" box, and click "Snip it!".

You will get a short link (e.g. back. Copy this link.

Step 5: Final HTML

Now take the link SnipURL gave back to you, and paste it in place of the long link in your Playlist HTML code. (as seen highlighted below)

Step 6: Copy Code to Myspace.

Copy the entire HTML code from Notepad onto your Myspace Profile. Success!