How to Unlock an Iphone




Introduction: How to Unlock an Iphone

first if your iphone is disabled or locked then these steps are for you .

Step 1: Step 1 Conecting Your Iphone to the Computer

step1- plug your iphone into your computer press the power button & the home button hold it until your screen goes black & wait for the apple sign pops up then let go of the power button & then keep holding the home button .

Step 2: Step2 Restoring Ur Iphone With Itunes

step2 - if you dont have itunes then you have to go online & download it off of because for this step your going to need itunes. once u do do steps one and 2 step three is easy on your computer open up itunes and i t should pop up with two things to click on restore iphone or check for updates like in the picture .uyou wanna click on restore iphone and let itunes do the rest of the work to restore it

Step 3: Step 3:setup Your Iphone

after your done restoring ur iphone u have to go thru the stepsto set it up

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    6 years ago

    when i set up why my phone is cannot connected carrier


    6 years ago

    i needs Unlock iCloud Lock..plz help me...i forget my id phone.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice article! Nowadays, many of the new arrival unlocking
    techniques are around there. We can't tell all the methods are fake or all are
    safe. Few techniques will give proper solution without bricking an iPhone. In
    my experience, Remote unlocking method is one of the safest unlocking solutions
    to unlock iPhones from carrier lock. It doesn't requires jailbreaking. Many of
    the providers offer this service with affordable price to open iPhone to work
    with all the GSM networks world-wide. We have to concentrate in winnowing
    unlocking method as well as unlocking provider. It’s very important. Before,
    getting unlocking service from any of the providers, you need to check whether
    they provide quality service, money-back guarantee, cost etc.

    Source :