How to Unlock the Blackberry Curve 8300 (should Also Work on 8310, 8320 & 8330)

Introduction: How to Unlock the Blackberry Curve 8300 (should Also Work on 8310, 8320 & 8330)

How to unlock the Blackberry Curve 8300 (should also work on 8310, 8320 & 8330)

Step 1: Intro to Unlocking

When you unlock a cell phone you allow it to work on all GSM carriers. This works with most GSM cell phones. For example if you have a phone that only works with AT&T you can unlock it and it will work with T-Mobile or vice versa.

To unlock your phone you will need an unlock code. To get this open your phone and look behind the battery. You will see an "IMEI" number. Go to a site which has unlock codes such as give them your phone model and IMEI number and they will produce this code for you.

Step 2: Navigating the Menu

Turn off your wireless connection, then hit menu -> Settings -> Options -> AdvancedthenSelect “Sim card”

Step 3: Secret Codes, Hidden Menus and the Secret to the Universe

Hold down the CAP key while typing MEPD (the letters will not appear) If you did this correctly the personalization menu will magically open.

Step 4: More Hidden Codes

Under personalization it will say Network: Active. This means your phone is locked. Hold the CAP key again and type MEP2 (Instead of CAP, use ALT for the 2)

It will ask you for your unlock code and give you 10 attempts to correctly enter it.You can get this unlock code from sites such as

Step 5: Congratulations!

After you enter the code you will notice under the personalization menu that it will say Network: Disabled.

Congratulations! Your Blackberry is unlocked!

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    Sorry but this didn't work for me... I
    did find somewhere else to unlock my 8330 for free though and it works
    on the 8300, 8310 and 8320. It might be good to include it in your
    article. Anyway, follow the guide on this website:

    and you'll be able to unlock your blackberry for free in under 5
    minutes, I was surprised actually the guide is very easy to follow and
    it worked great. hope this helps everyone. thanks!

    Jack dude
    Jack dude

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hey guys I just unlocked my BlackBerry Curve 3G form ( I got the code very quick and it worked without any trouble. I like to share the instructions to all which came along with the unlock/MEP code hoping that this might help someone to unlock their phone. ***** You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps. We recommend using the SIM card that your phone is currently working with ***** 1. Go to settings 2. Go to options 3. Go to advanced options 4. Go to SIM card 5. Type MEPD (not case sensitive) (you will not see text appear on screen while typing) 6. Does it say Network active? If so your phone is locked 7. Hold the ALT Key while typing in MEPE (not case sensitive) (you will not see text appear on screen while typing) 8. It will say "Enter Network MEP Code, then you type in the 16 digit unlock code, press in the jog dial to confirm 9. Your phone is now unlocked.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request for that code would need to be made from the carrier that the phone was originally manufactured for. But there are websites which you can trust to get the codes. The phone has got limited number of attempts where in you can enter the MEP code. Hard lock will come into play when there are no attempts left in the cell phone. This should help you,


    12 years ago on Introduction

    You can get the unlock code at