Introduction: How to Update PS3 True Blue Step by Step

what is a PS3 Ture Blue

PS3 True Blue, aka PS3 jailbreak 2 or PS3 TB, is a PS3 jailbreak USB dongle  use for playing V3.60+ games on your PS3 V3.55 system.

As we know that, if you want to use CFW on  your PS3, your PS3 system must stay on V3.55 which means you can only play V3.55 or lower games. If you want to play PS3  V3.60 games on your jailbroken V3.55 PS3, then you need to buy PS3 true blue. more info about the PS3 true blue, just check the link above.

In this post, i will tell you guys how to update the PS3 True blue firmware step by step.

Step 1:

Now PS3 true blue firmware has been updated to V2.62, so if your PS3 jailbreak 2 is still on the lower firmware, you can just use this method to update your PS3 true blue. This new firmware can support more games and make the system more stable. you can download the PS3 V2.62 firmware from the link.

After  you download the firmware, just extract the file and you will see a file  named "TrueBlueUpdate-2.62.pkg" , just copy and paste it in a USB storage,

Step 2:

Insert the USB storage into the PS3 usb interface, any one is ok. power on your PS3 and move to the PS3 game menu, you will see a folder named "install package files " there. just click it, you will see the PS3 true blue update file there, Just click it to intall. It will only take a few seconds to install the update manager. in the end,you will  "install completed".

Step 3:

After you install t he "TrueBlueUpdate-2.62.pkg", you will see a dongle update icon under the manger folder. just click it to start updating the PS3 true blue. After you click it, the screen will let you insert your PS3 true with the PS3. Them just connext the PS3 true blue with any of the USB storage, THen click next, the update process is beginning, then just wait a few seconds, you will update successfully.. click ok and you have updated it successfully.

Step 4:

How to know the version of your PS3 true blue

Well, in the last step, we have updated the PS3 true blue to the latest version,  but you may wonder how do i know whether my PS3 dongle need to update, It is a very easy job as well. after you update it , you just check the system info, notice,  you need to make sure the PS3 true blue has been inserted into the dongle, then check it.  If it show PS3 true blue V2.61 , means your PS3 true blue is in V2.61 or whateverother firmwares.