Introduction: How to Upload 3D Designs to Repables

Recently I've been writing Instructables about how to make 3D designs. What I haven't shared is what you do with your design once it's been made. Other than printing and using my designs, I also post them on repables. Repables is an online file repository for 3D designs. This way people can see how awesome your design is.

If you are entering a design in the Digilent Open Source Robot Hardware Initiative I will give specific instructions to make sure that your design gets submitted.

What you'll need:

- A computer with access to internet

- Your design file (.stl)

Step 1: Make an Account

The first step is to create a Repables account. You can make your username whatever you want. I'm boring so mine is Kaitlyn_Franz.

Step 2: Click Upload a Repable

After you make an account it should redirect you back to the main page. On this main page there is a big blue button. Click the big blue button that says Upload a Repable.

Step 3: Upload the STL File

The first step is to upload your STL file. Click add file, find the file, and upload it.

Step 4: Add an Image

If you want to make your design stand out and show that it prints well, you can add an image. I like to add an image to show what the file looks like printed.

Step 5: Name Your Design

Next you will need to name your design. Try to keep it relatively short, but make it descriptive. My design is a robot wheel with a D shaped connector that includes the Digilent logo. So I included all those details in the name.

Step 6: Add a Description

Add a description of your design. Anything that you think is important to decide if this is a part someone might be looking for is important.

Step 7: Add Instructions

This is where you tell the user anything special they may have to do when printing or in assembly. For example what they should attach it to, what size screws, if they need any extra parts. Anything like that.

Step 8: Add Tags

Tags are possible the most important part of filling out the information on the design. Tags are the only way to search repables. If your name says robot but there isn't a tag to say that, then it won't come up when someone searches robot.

If you are submitting the design to the Digilent open source hardware initiative, make sure you tag Digilent in your design.

Step 9: Revision Number and License

Add a revision number. If you revise a part you can upload it with the same number but a different revision.

Pick a License. I usually just go with the automatically selected one.

Step 10: Save and Process

Click Save and Process.

Step 11: You Now Have a Repable!

Once you click save and process, your part will be visible to anyone to see. Review everything you typed and make sure it has all the information you wanted to tell.

If you are submitting to the Digilent open source hardware initiative, make sure Digilent is tagged, and follow the other instructions for submission.

Step 12: Search Digilent

To see all of the other Digilent parts made by Digilent interns or members of the community, search Digilent.

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