Introduction: How to Use 'Phun' Physics Engine!

In this instructable I hope to show you the very basics of using the somewhat amusing 'Phun' Physics engine... It idn't very difficult to load and requires little to no installation Enjoy!

(I take ABSOLUTELY NO credit for the creation / production / development of Phun. All rights go to their respective owners. I am merely a purveyor of knowledge)

Step 1: Downloading and Installing...

Click any one of these links dependant on which system you use. Trust me on this one, it helps.

Windows XP and Earlier:

Windows Vista:

Linux (Wonder how many people will click this?):


Once you have these downloaded, run and install them. It's incredibly self explanatory, so I won't bother with that. If there are any Technical fails check the phun site at:

Step 2: Now Open Up Phun!

Upon opening Phun (Windows only) you will briefly see an MS-DOS Dialog appear. This is normal, I'm telling you this because alot Computer newbs become worried whenever they see one of these boxes for some reason...

Then after a few seconds of dialog, the Screen you hold dearly will appear! :D

Step 3: What Can You Do?

The thing about phun is it's best learned by faffing around and playing with stuff. But I'll give you a Briefing on the various buttons and Gadgets and Doo-Das :D

Brush - Draw a Polygon (Shape) and it will appear. Presto.
Drag - Fairly Useless. Use this to move around active objects.
Plane - Very useful. Creates a 'floor' for everything to happen on. Gotta have some ground to stand on, hmm?

Circle - Creates a Circle. Yes.

Box - Creates a Box. Yes.

Chain - Quite an Interesting tool. It creates a chain of circles linked by Hinges.
Springs - I find these quite useful for holding things together. Do with them what you will.

Fixate - Makes an object invariably stay in one place whilst running. Simply select this tool and click on which object you want to stop moving, fixated objects are marked with a X

Hinge - You know how a real Hinge works right? *Sigh* But ALSO, right clicking the hinge of an object can grant you access to Motors, which unlock a whole host of Phun things to do! (Get experimental, i'm not spoon feeding you everything!)

Control Buttons:

Play / Pause - Runs & Pauses your current scene. Easy
Undo & Redo - Most helpful things in existence. Be wary, they dont go back forever!


Mess around with these!

Step 4: Congratulations!

You are now a slave to Phun. Your soul is now it's property.
Thank you for reading this Instructable, I hope it has been enlightening. And as i've said before, don't be too reliant on this, get experimenting! You'll be surprised what you can do. To check out what other Phun users have done go to and check out the Phunbox!