Introduction: How to Use the Red Letter Tribe

About: my name is Adam!

So, you want to become a regular poster on State Radio's message board, do you?
It's not as easy as you may think. if you make a mistake, you could be shot down, and banished from the boards. but don't be intimidated. Most people on the tribe are kind, lovely State Radio fans, such as yourself.

Just follow these steps, and maybe one day you will be as cool as Shannon or Red.

Step 1: Creating a Username

When you come up with a username, there are a couple of things you might want to consider

1. Something creative
2. Something that is nice and easy to pronounce
3. Or just ignore the previous two, and tell everyone your name.

Step 2: Posting - Replying to a Topic

To reply to a topic, simply press the "Post Reply" button.

Now that you have done that, it is time to post your reply.

Just remember these three simple rules:
1. Keep it intelligent (this means good grammar and spelling)
2. ALWAYS stay on topic
3. Never double post (see step 4)

Step 3: Posting - Starting a New Topic

When you are ready to start a topic, choose wisely, cause' them RLT folk don't take kindly to "dumb" threads.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before posting:
1. Am I posting in the right thread? (Is it SR related, Non-SR related, about a show, or does it belong in the activism forum?)
2. Is it necessary? (does it serve any purpose whatsoever ?)
3. Has this already been posted? use the search feature.

Step 4: Editing a Post

So you messed up on a post? Edit it!
Also, as mentioned in step 2, DO NOT double post! Just Edit your last one.

Here is how.

Use the Edit Button.

Step 5: Quoting

There are two ways to quote: a quote from another RLT'er, or a quote from another person/source.

To quote an RLT'er hit the "cloud button" above their post.

To quote someone else, click the quote button on the "Post Reply" page and type or copy the quote.

Step 6: Sending a Private Message

If you would like to privately contact another member you can send them a private message.
to do that click on the private message icon above one of their posts.

Step 7: Entering a URL

Putting a URL in your post can be tricky, but here's how.

1. click on "URL"
2 Enter the page you are linking to into the box.
3. Enter the URL text

Step 8: Linking to a Picture

one of the most confusing things for people is linking to a picture, here is the patented 4 step process:

1. Find the picture
2. Right/Control click, and select "view image"
3. Copy URL
4. Create a link to the page from 2 (see step 7)

Step 9: HOORAY!

Now You are Ready to be an RLT pro!
Good Luck, have fun, and Wage Peace!