Introduction: How to Use WTV020SD-16P With Arduino

WTV020SD-16P is an excellent module for adding music on to electronic projects. The module can be used with/without Arduino.

There are several things to be considered while working with this module. For example, it works with only 2GB microSD card and it supports only AD4 format music file.

Check this tutorial to know about AD4 file format and other important issues of this module.

I found that the module works in two different ways:
a. MP3 mode (Without Arduino): In this mode, AD4 format music files are played by basic connection. This is the simplest mode.
The following experiment photo depicts the MP3 mode of wtv020SD-16P.

WTV020SD Music Module with Audio amplifier

You can also check the following tutorials.
a. Mp3 mode circuit-basic.
b. Mp3 mode circuit with LM386 based audio amplifier


b. With Arduino: This music module also works with Arduino giving more flexibility in control over your music files.
Watch the video:

You can get details of the above experiment on the following pages:
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