How to Use a Hand Plane

Introduction: How to Use a Hand Plane

About: I'm Steve Hay and have been involved in Woodworking for over 30 years as a Fine Furniture Maker. Following on from a successful Woodworking Television show in Australia. We decided to form a production company…

This a short video of a way to use a Hand Plane a #4 Stanley is used.
I also share with your how you can modify and make a Hogging (Scrub) Plane from a standard #4 Hand Plane for removing excess stock in a hurry.

As well as explaining and showing you some different Blade profiles that may improve your Hand Planing Skills and make your woodworking enjoyable.

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Hope we can help you in some small way with you woodworking skills and Projects.


Steve Hay

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    6 years ago

    Such great info here! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

    Woodworking Masterclass
    Woodworking Masterclass

    Reply 6 years ago

    You're welcome hope to bring you much more over time. Thanks for the comment. Cheers Steve