Introduction: How to Use a Red Dot Scope

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In this instructible i will show you how to properly use a red dot scope. My is from my spring famas assult rifle.

Step 1: Adjust to Your Gun's Needs

My red dot scope doesnt magnify because it is for a assult rifle not a sniper. There are ajuster switches on the top and the side. The top adjusts the left and right position of the crosshair in the scope. The side adjusts the up and down position of the crosshair. During the day get white bb's of your choice. if your gun is 300+ fps use .20G bb's If ti is less than 300 use .12g bb's pick out a target and shoot at it if it is swaying up set the sight up about two notches. and so forth until you get the crosshair where the bb's are hitting.(Note: do the adjusting when there is little or no wind it will make your scope more accurate) Plus you don't have to close one eye you eyes will put the crosshair in the middle but will extend you feild of veiw pretty cool huh?

Step 2: Activating Your Scope

To turn on your scope tur the knob on the top to high light or low light. (this only works if you have my scope or one like it) Thank you for Reading this instructible