Introduction: How to Use a Vinyl Cutter

This instructable is going to show you how to cut something out with a Vinyl Cutter by using its software. You can cut out anything you want to with a vinyl cutter. You can also make images for silk screening or do a two color cut. Those aren't in this instructable.

Step 1: Typing Text

You can either type something or you can drag an image from the internet or your desktop. This step will show you how to cut out text. Just type in whatever you want onto the grid. You should make the text to the size you want it. But you should mess with some test texts so you know how sizing works.

Step 2: Getting an Image Ready for Cutting

First, find an image and drag it onto the CutStudio. Then make the image to the size you want it. When your cutting images you need to right click on the image and go to image outline and then hit Extract Contour Lines. All of the blue lines are where its going to cut. Then you can cut away!

Step 3: Breaking Polyine

After Extract Contour Lines theres still more you can do with that image. Right Click on the image and click "Break Polyline". It will make you be able to select each part of the image. You will also be able to take multiple images and make one unique image of your own.

Step 4: The Cutting

Load a roll or a piece of vinyl into the machine and adjust the wheels. Next pull the lever to hold down the vinyl. Then turn the machine on and select roll if your using a roll or select piece if your use a piece. When thats all set go into CutStudio and click "Cutting". A window will pop up and you wanna click "ok" but when you click "ok" you have to hit enter on the vinyl cutter.