Introduction: How to Use a Cog Puller to Open a Bottle Cap With Style.

    Sure anyone can grab some random object and prying the cap off like a caveman but your have a bit more of a precise focused delicate maner and your tasety beverage which you have earned after a long day of work deserves to be opened with style. This is when you realize that the cog puller with it's hook jaws and screw driven point is just the tool for the job.

Equipment  needed:

Bottle with standard bottle cap.
Cog puller

-First let the screw out enough so that you can fit the bottle cap between the pull jaws and the screw.
-Position the jaws so that they are seated under the lip of the bottle cap.
-Wrap your hand around the bottle to keep the jaws pressed against the cap. With your other hand turn the screw so that the point drives down towards the cap. continue the turn until the cap pulls off the bottle.
-Now that the bottle cap is disconnected from the bottle turn he screw the other way until the bottle cap is free of the cog puller.

Repeat as needed.