How to Use a Multimeter to Check Voltage, Continuity and Battery Charge




Introduction: How to Use a Multimeter to Check Voltage, Continuity and Battery Charge

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A digital multimeter can check voltage, continuity and battery charges.The Ideal 61-310 multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, current and resistance . Also it measures audible continuity as well as temperature.A Data Hold feature stores your results for convenience in the field. A built in Low Battery indicator and Auto Power Off function ensures maximum battery life and energy efficiency. Most digital mulitmeters are handy, portable devices that help troubleshoot electrical problems from industrial to household issues. While there are analog readers, digital ones provide a more consistent and reliable reading time and time again. The accuracy of digital multimeters is much more superior to the analog versions.

Step 1: Powerstrip Testing

Start with a standard power strip, plugged in ( should be between 100-120 V)

Set meter to AC at 200 V. Always set higher than what you are testing. If in doubt, set to highest Voltage.

Place both red and black ends into one hole of the plug socket.

The reading should not bounce around too much other than a few decimals but should stay around 120 V.

Step 2: Using the Hold Button

If you press the Hold button, then you can save the reading.

Step 3: Continuity or Tone Mode

Continuity mode, whenever the line connects, you get the high pitch noise. This tests grounding.

Step 4: Testing Continuity

You can also test continuity across things you shouldn't have grounded/continuity.

This is to test that you don't have continuity in the AC line and ground or plug. So you can see if you have and arc or exposed line.

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