Introduction: How to Use a Old Drawing Light With New Technology?

I always have a problem with working light. It was too dark, too big or too hot. 
So I use a old drawing light and 10W led with 220/110V power supply and make almost perfect workshop light especially for electronic solder jobs. Lamp is very easy to make and cheap.
You need only to remove lamp hood and fasten led with a heatsink on lamp body.
What you need to do this:
- a drawing lamp
- 10W or more watts led
- 10w or other suitable power supply for led
- PC MBO chipset heatsink with fan (I use Spire 40x40mm heatsink with 12V fan and two sided glue tape). You can use any heatsink you want, there is a lot of old CPU heatsink)
- pair of screws, piece of heatshrink tube or electical insulating tape, soldering iron, screwdriver...

Step 1: Remove Old Hood and Put a New Source of Light

First you need to remove a old hood. There is a lot of hood types so you have to do it on your own. This is how I disassemble my lamp.
Unscrew all screws which holds hood shaft. Cut wires and remove hood. I have to remove rivets with a drills.
After that I just fasten heat sink with two screws on hood shaft.
Heat sink is prepared on this way: peel protective film and put a led on sticky tape. Solder wires on + and + side of led with red and black wire form fan.
After that just put everything back on lamp in reversing order (without old hood :)

Step 2: Solder Wires and Turn It On!

After you do mechanical work you need to do electrical connections. It is easiest to do with a solder but you can do it  some other way. 
Solder wires from led to wires on lamp. Don't forget to insulate connections with heat shrink tube or insulating tape!
Cut a plug (and a few inches of cable) from lamp and solder those wires on your power supply + and -. Use cuted plug and solder it to a power supply mains. You can mount a switch between supply and plug.

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