How to Use a Yo-yo

Introduction: How to Use a Yo-yo

A yo-yo is a toy that is fun to play with and this Instructable shows you how to use it. I will not show you any tricks in this Instructable but anyway, you will learn the basics.

Step 1: Timing Is Key

The picture in this step shows you how to hold the yo-yo, put your finger through the loop on the rope and hold the yo-yo.

Timing is key for the yo-yo, you will need to practice and practice!

Step 2: Here We Go!

Let go and let all the rope unravel and try and use your hand to get all the rope back in to the yo-yo and catch it. You don't need to catch it on your first try, but try to later as it looks impressive :)

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect!

Keep practising, you will learn soon how to use a yo-yo and you can show all your family and friends!

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    5 years ago

    thank you, i am crap at doing yoyo's