Introduction: How to Use Nokia Bl-5c Battery As Your Htc Gene Battery

guys this is my first please bear with me ;)

my 2 yr old gene needed a battery change as it could give a backup of 15 mins only....and the new battery cost around INR 1000.....while going thru my junks i found a nokia cellphone which i used rarely and it had a new battery in idea popped in my mind. the idea was to change the cell and replace it with the nokia cell...after inspecting both the batteries carefully...the body structure were almost identical in shape and size though the nokia cell was a little slimmer than gene's sanyo cell...the specs of gene battery "Sanyo Model:WIZA16" and the nokia battery "BL-5c" were

Sanyo Model WIZA16 :3.7VDC 1250mAH li-ion battery
BL-5c: 3.7VDC 1220mAH li-ion battery

Step 1:

dismantle the sanyo battery by removing the label covering it..then carefully removed the plastic shell covering...

Step 2:

You'll find a pcb attached to it on the side cell.Handle with care.

Step 3:

with the help of multi tester probe the terminals and find out which is +ive and -ive and mark it on da pcb.

Step 4:

You'll need some basic soldering skills to desolder the positive and the negative terminals of the cell from the pcb.after detaching the terminals as i found out the base of the cell is positive where as the other point is -negative.

Step 5:

do the same on nokia battery....we wont be needing the top(which includes the terminals) and bottom plastic shell

Step 6:

removed the cell from pcb...well the nokia cell has both the terminals on one side as compared to sanyo's cell

Step 7:

after seperating both the cells from their respective pcbs....we're going to attach pcb of sanyo to the nokia cell

Step 8:

becareful wen soldering the terminals on the should be soldered the same way as it was on the sanyo cell...or youll end up screwing the pcb.double check it again with muli tester.

Step 9:

With the help a wire...connect the negative terminal of the cell to the pcb.

Step 10:

Now put the cell and pcb back in to the sanyo's plastic shell...and ure done.....put the newly refurbished battery into the gene....and let it charge...finish

for me this battery is working as a new one the backup time is great...i wonder if there would be any change in performance in this cell which has 1230mAH as compared to original cell which had 1250mAH.

hope you guys like my tutorial...its kinda short.....i know. ;)