How to Use Proper Protection Gear for Metal Casting

Introduction: How to Use Proper Protection Gear for Metal Casting

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Casting is such a fun process but can be extremely dangerous unless you take proper measurements to carefully protect yourself. Accidents happen even to masters of the craft and molten metal will burn through your skin in no time. To avoid serious injuries please follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Shoes

Footwear is extra important as there is a big chance some molten metal will spill and hit your feet. Heavy leather work shoes are imperative. Synthethic materials will burn into your skin never coming out. Ouch. Don't risk it.

Step 2: Pants

Once again only natural fibers. Heavy work jeans work well.

Step 3: Top

Either leather sleeves with a leather apron or a full leather jacket will protect your torso.

Step 4: Hands

Big leather gloves you cannot go without. Hands are also in big danger so don't loose them to carelessness.

Step 5: Face

I can'e even imagine the agony of molten metal bubbling and spewing out of the mold and hitting your eye. Wear goggles, clear if it's dark and shaded if it's bright in your work area. A mesh or a clear plastic face shield will keep your face intact and looking pretty for years to come despite your dangerous hobby.
Have fun! What comes next is no less then AMAZING!!!

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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    Aside from Craigslist searching, is there anywhere you’d recommend getting any of the equipment second hand? I’m very interested in starting to cast my own jewelry, but I do not buy animal products. I would like to avoid buying brand new from a manufacturer, but understand that certain materials are required to ensure my safety. I don’t know if second hand equipment would be okay as I’m sure it’s made to last, but am unsure if the quality would be compromised. I hope this makes sense and isn’t an annoying question to ask, I’m just wondering if I can be prepared properly while not going against my lifestyle choices. Please let me know if there are any metal working forums or any online shops you know of that could possibly be the right fit. Thank you for this helpful article !