How to Use the Handy Swing IPO IDC Howest Swing Schommel




Introduction: How to Use the Handy Swing IPO IDC Howest Swing Schommel

In the next steps you will see how to use the handy swing. Have fun!

Step 1: The Advantage of the Handy Swing

The big advantage of the handy swing is that you can take him everywhere where you go in the nature. It’s so that you can put the swing easy in a backpack.

Step 2: Make Everything Ready

First of all you have to role of the ropes of the swing and lay them in front of the swing.

Step 3: Throwing the Snap Hooks

You take the rope about 1 metre from the snap hooks and swing it over the branch of your chosen tree. Do this with both snap hooks.

Step 4: Attaching the Snap Hooks

With a simple twist you lay the snap hooks around the iron pleated hooks.

Step 5: Bring the Swing at a Good Height

First you pull the rope through the hole of 1 centimetre, now you pull on the rope till the swing is hanging on the right height. Also make sure that the swing is hanging nice horizontally.

Step 6: Bandaging and Knots of the Rope

Now turn the surplus of the rope around the wooden circles. When you have about 30 centimetre rope over fix this with a carpenter stich.

Step 7: Now It’s Time to Swing Like Never Before !!

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