Introduction: How to View Other HDs With OSs Installed on (X)ubuntu

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This instructable is how to view harddrives with (e.g) (preferably) Xubuntu (may work with other Linux systems). Sorry for no pix, ill try to upload them later :

Step 1: Sudo Password Change

Open terminal and type this:
sudo passwd

and this is how it should look like in terminal after you do this command:

jesse@jesse:~$ sudo passwd
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully

TIP!!!: as you type the new password, you wont see anything being typed into the prompt!

Step 2: Get a Zipped File (tar.gz or RPM Is Recommended)

You can go ahead and download this zip with a txt saying "txt.txt". Or if you don't want to download this then you can just download any zipped folder as long as you can extract the files.

Step 3: Partially Extracting the File

This text file does NOT do anything to help you view info on other drives. So what you do is you open the zipped file.1. On the top, you should be able to extract it with a button. So you click the extraction button. But wait you don't actually have to extract it. Just click the button and it should show a window named extract and you should be able to choose where you want to extract it to.

Step 4: Final Step!

3. When the window (regularly titled) Extract, look to the left and you should see a few folders like:
Recently Used
File System
Hard Drive

So you notice Hard Drive (it might not necessarily be called that) that is probably your other hard drive.
Click on Hard Drive and it should ask for password. It should be the Unix password that we changed earlier, and if not then it is your log in password (I cant tell the difference because both of those passwords are the same for me). After you can get in, you can close the extract and the zipped file. To access it, goto places->File System->media->"bunch of funky letters(if it is another OS)" or the actual name of the drive (e.g Jesse's Drive). And then you can do whatever.

NOTE!!!: after restarting the computer/laptop/whatever, you will have to repeat this process (I know, i hate it to) except for the changing Unix Password thing, and downloading the zipped file again.