Introduction: How to Virtually Mount a Disc File

In this instructable you will learn how to make an iso file from a group of files or disc, and then how to mount that file in a virtual hard drive just as if it were a disc. This particular software supports up to 15 virtual drives that can all be mounted with different isos, bins, or one other file type i cant remember, or any combination of the three.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Imgburn to make or rip the iso files. here
2. Virtual clonedrive to mount the me
3. a windows xp or vista computer. Clonedrive works on 32 and 64 bit. it is also freeware. sorry no download link ;-)

Step 2: Making an Iso File

ok. what you want to do now is make sure you have the disc you want to make an iso file for in the real hardware drive. open up imgburn and click create image file from disk. Note: you can also create an iso file from a virtual mounted drive, but there really isnt any reason. open up imgburn and click where it says create image file from disc. now is your chance to change the settings. click the disk to file image at the bottom to start.

Step 3: Virtual Clonedrive

Now we will set up virtual clonedrive. after you install it, double click the icon, or if you told the installer not to make an icon, find it in the start menu. Here you can change the amount of drives, weather or not you have the sheep, the language, and a couple of other things that i dont know what they mean. press ok to apply the changes. to mount an iso file, depending on how you have imgburn set up, you will double click the iso file or right click it and press open with virtual clonedrive. i have it set up where if i double click an iso file imgburn will open and get ready to burn the iso file..... i tried crysis and even though clonedrive could mount the iso it still would not play properly. im sure with a bit of tweaking it will work. here is my video:

I had to use daemon tools to emulate the copyright from the crysis iso, but other than that clonedrive works perfectly.

Edit: no, daemon tools didnt work either.