Introduction: How to Wall Mount a Airport Extreme.

I was going to buy a wallmount bracket for it. But i didn't want to wait. So i looked
around at the stuff i had and came up with this.

First What you need.
a. 1 48 inch heavy duty zip tie. you can pick up at the h depot.
b. 2 drywall anchors with screws.

a. drill with small drillbit
b. philips screwdriver

This is also my first instructable.

Step 1: Wrapping the Airport

Take the zip tie and make sure you have pleanty of room to ajust it on the wall.
Wrap it around, it slides in the crack with no problems. Once you have it wrapped put it on the wall and make sure its going to lay flat.

Step 2: Hanging

Cut zip and drill i hole in it. Make sure the drill bit is smaller than the tie.
Place the drywall anchor, then screw the zip tie to the wall with the airport.
Once done the zip tie will hold the airport in place.