Introduction: How to Watch Starwars With Computer Symbols on Command Prompt

This is just a wierd trick I learned so I decided to post this. You can watch most of the beginning of the first Starwars movie, which is episode IV from command prompt made by some guy. It's pretty cool.

DISCLAIMER: I am not taking credit for this. I am in no way responsible for making or being a part of making this trick. I am just doing my part in letting you all know about it.

Step 1: Opening Command Promp

Go to the start menu, go to accessories, and command prompt should come up.

Step 2: Type in the Command

The command to watch the starwars movie is the following:

Type that in letter for letter (including the space between Telnet and Towel) in command prompt. Two messages should come up for a little bit, then the movie will start playing.

Step 3: The Result

Now the fun part- Just sit back and watch. It's poor quality due to the fact it was made frame by frame with computer symbols, but this must have taken the guy who made this forever.