Introduction: How to Wear "Are You Social?"-Tattoos

About: Since 1995 Aram Bartholl lives and works in Berlin. In his art work he thematizes the relationship of net data space and every day life. “In which form does the network data world manifest itself in our ever…

"Are you social?"-tattoos initially served as flyers for the art project Friends which was premiered during the Futuresonic Festivals 2008 but since they are more than just a flyer I decided to document them as a standalone project. In fact the tattoos take the prior "Are you social?"-t-shirts to the next level by wearing Web2.0 on your skin instead of just on a t-shirt.

"Are you social?"-Tattoos project page.

Design support by Veronica Becker

Aram Bartholl 2008

Step 1: Get Your Free "Are You Social?"-tattoo at Cafe "Morder"

First of all you need to get an "Are you social?"-tattoo. They are for free available to all people who live or visit Berlin. (If you don't live or visit Berlin you maybe know somebody who could pick up one and send it to you. Or take the opportunity and just travel to Berlin yourself. Cheap flights to Berlin at Expedia It's a cool city although wether is horroble now in autumn.)

Go to cafe "Morder" on Borsigstr./Torstr. 10115 Berlin Mitte in Germany (Google Maps) and pick up for free an "Are you social?"-tattoo from the outside front door or inside counter. (Flyers are outside on the front door, even when the cafe is closed).

By the way,Tonjes sell excellent coffee!

Step 2: Materials

- "Are you social?"- tattoo
- Scissor
- Water + sponge
- Pen

Step 3: Select Your Favorite Social Web Services and Cut Them.

Chose from the tattoo sheet one or serveral Web 2.0 services you are on and cut them.

8 Social Web services available:

- Youtube
- Twitter
- Myspace
- Delicious
- Lastfm
- Facebook
- Flickr
- Linkedin

Step 4: Peel of the Plastic Film

- Peel of the tranparent plastic film from the tattoo.

Step 5: Stick It on Your Skin and Rinse It With Water

- Less hairy skin parts prefered
- Press it softly
- Make sure not to move it around

Step 6: Peel of Now the Paper Very Carefully

- It is possible to correct shifted parts by hand, very carefully!!!
- Otherwise don't touch it till it's dry
- Repeat step 3-7 till you wear all desired social web services on your skin. :-)

Step 7: Insert Avatar Name

- After 20 min. the tattoos should be dry
- Take a pen and instert your specific avatar name for each web service you have chosen

Step 8: Show Off!