Introduction: How to Wear the "Mortal Coil" T-Shirt

Wondered how to wear one of the Mortal Coil T-Shirts?

The How-To's, the Dare-not's, and the "Do you have the boldness?"

Step 1: How to Put on the Shirt

Pt the Shirt over your head, putting head through the middle hole, and arms through the corresponding sleeves.

Be sure to put the tag in the back.

Step 2: Wear in Public!

It is very important that you wear this shirt outside.

Step 3: Do Not Wear This Shirt Here!

In some places and situations, it may not be ideal to remind people of their mortality.

Hospitals for starters, may not take kindly to the mention of death.

Step 4: Other Places

Funerals, Church, and locations and events run by religious officials are also not the best place to wear one of these shirts. But why would you go and wear a T-shirt to Church anyhow?

Step 5: Change the World!

Wear your shirt with pride!