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Introduction: How to Work in a Magic Ring

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope that you are having a great day! =D

In today's Instructable i want to demonstrate for you, how we can work stitches when we're working in rounds using the Magic Ring technique.

Remember that we use this technique when we want to work a circular project =).

Don't worry because it's really easy! (i swear ^_^)

Let's begin!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Step 2: Phototutorial / STEP 01

To begin this tutorial, we must have already a Magic Ring,in case that you can't remember how to make it or you might have some doubts,HERE you can find the Instructable to make it =).

Step 3: Phototutorial / FIRST EXAMPLE (single Crochet)

To begin, we must know what stitch we want to make, because,as always, we have to begin with the necessary chain stitches to give height to the round’s first stitch.

For this example, I’m going to workSingle Crochet in my Magic Ring, but remember, you can use this technique no matter what stitch you want to work, because the idea is the same.

As you can see, we already have a chain in the magic ring (which is the one that we have worked to secure it) this means, that we don’t have to make more chain stitches, because for a Single Crochet we only need one extra chain at the beginning of each round.

So, once that we have ready the extra chain (or chains), the next step to follow, it will be to introduce the hook through the magic ring, now yarn over (this means that we have to put the yarn over the hook)pull the hook through the magic ring (we should have two loops on the hook), yarn over one last time and pull the hook through the two loops on it.

And the first single crochet in the Magic Ring is ready =)

Step 4: Phototutorial / ADVICE

It’s very important for you to know, that we always have to work the stitches over the two pieces of yarn forming the circle (one of them it gives the form to our ring and the other is just a leftover).

In case that we decided to work over just one of this two pieces of yarn, when we closed the magic ring we’re going to have issues, because it’s not going to close properly ;).

Step 5: Phototutorial / SECOND EXAMPLE (half Double Crochet)

To give you a better idea about how you can work a stitch in a Magic Ring, let’s make another example, but now we’re going to work a Half Double Crochet.

To begin the Half Double Crochet, we must have two chains to give the necessary height to the first stitch of the round

As you can see we already have one chain on our Magic Ring, so we only have to work one more.

Now that we have the two chains that we need, we’re going to yarn over and introduce the hook through the Magic Ring, yarn over again and pull the hook through the Magic Ring (we should have three loops on the hook), now yarn over one last time and pull the hook through the three loops on it.

And we have finished the first Half Double Crochet in a Magic Ring.

Step 6: Phototutorial / ENDING

If we compare these two examples, we can see that the common pattern between them is that, no matter what, you should always introduce the hook in the magic ring and work over the two pieces of yarn, but ofcourse, as long as we have the loops on the hook that the stitch requires.


For tips, tricks and more please watch the video tutorial=)

Thank you for your visit! Have a great day! =D

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have a video that shows how to form/start the magic ring? I don't know how you got to your starting point in the video where you already have the loop and a stitch. Thank you!