How to Wrap Headphones So They Don’t Tangle

Introduction: How to Wrap Headphones So They Don’t Tangle

1: Fold headphones in half so earbuds and jack next to eachother
2: Hold earbuds and jack in one hand then slide a couple of fingers in between the two sides of the cord and pull taught
3: Spin
4: Continue to hold with both hands then grabs in the middle with your mouth
5: Holding with your mouth, put the jack and buds through the loop that they are now next to so that they dont come undone
6: Release from your mouth and the headphones will coil on to itself but not get tangle or come undoe
7: To unwrap bring buds and jack back through loop and pull the loop and the buds slowly away from eachother

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    Gama of Ra
    Gama of Ra

    8 years ago

    Wow I didn't think such a thing