Introduction: How to Write Letters Nice

This Instructable is about alphabet letters, how to write those letters in many other nicer ways, and It should be useful for the ones who has no sense of making artistic letters. Especially there are some days where you have to design a poster or a title, then this Instructable could help you. All the materials you need are basic tools which you would probably carry it around most of the time.

There are going to be three types of fonts including 3-D and other self-invented fonts so that you can get the idea of how letters look like to look nice. For this, of course, you don't have to be a professional or talented in Art and it does not have to be perfect nor precise because humans are not like computer but you will have to think about the basics of letters and features of the fonts and try to keep those things.

- Think of the style (bending or edges).
- Then write the basic form (for example, if you want to write 'table', just write it and it would be easier if the letters are big).
- After writing the basic letters, draw or design the letters as you already have thought about it at the beginning.
- In addition, you could also put shadowing or colors on the letters to get more attraction.

Step 1: Materials




Color Pencil

Step 2: First Font

These fonts are the first font I have created to show as example how I have followed the steps in order to create a nice font.

Firstly, I was thinking how it should look like and I have decided to give round shapes without sharpness.

Secondly, I have written the letters in basic form with the style I wanted.

Then I followed the lines so that it shows some shape.

The next step was to redraw the lines but on the other side that i have done in the previous step. Now every lines has to have 2 more lines beside.

Step 3: Second Font

This is the second font I have created.

What I have done in this font is simple

Firstly, I have thought about the style and wrote the alphabets A-Z in the way I thought.

Secondly, I just put a out-line on each letters which is just a decoration.

In addition, you could also put a colors on letters to get more visual attraction.

Step 4: Third Font

The third font is common but complicated font because this font requires many steps and little bit of knowledge how to make 3-D letters. However, if you think of the composition of 3-D, it would be easier than you have tried before.

Firstly, I have written straight and simple letters A-Z.

Secondly, I made a out-line as i did in the previous font.

However, In this font, I erased all the letters I have written on the First step which is the basic letters and leave the out-line boxes.

Then, it would look like proper letter with box style.

What I have done next was to think of 3-D composition. If you can't think of it, you could just go to internet and find how 3-D letters look like and get some help from there OR you could just copy my 3-D letters.

After finishing the 3-D letters, you could also put some shadowing on the letters with the pencil or with other colors.

Step 5:

Now you should have got little or more knowledge writing letters in other nice ways so now you can try it on some empty papers.