How to Clean a Keyboard

Introduction: How to Clean a Keyboard

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Computer keyboards can get dirty very easily when they are not taken care of. You can buy cans of compressed air and cleaning products to clean your keyboard but most people have their own way of cleaning their keyboard, most of them feature holding it upside down and shaking it.

Those who do spend money on AIR are wasting their money because air removes some dirt, but not all of it because most of it is trapped underneath the keys. Anyway its still handy to have.
This instructable will show you how to clean your keyboard very thorough with simple items. In the end your keyboard will be just like new.

NOTE: if you screw up its not my fault and I wont repay anything, just sayin.

Step 1: What Will I Need, Oh Almighty Keyboard Cleaner?

The following things:

  • A butter knife or a screwdriver

For the keys:

  • A damp tissue
  • A Q-tip

For the keyboard itself:

  • A brush of some kind, I would advise something bigger then i used, more like very much bigger. This is used to make all the dirt go loose.
  • Something that blows (...) I know i said in the beginning that compressed air wasn't very economic but you can use it, i used the air compressor of my dad (it's really fancy for his job, dentist)

Step 2: Disintegrate Your Keyboard With a Death Ray.

Or a butter knife.

This part is FUN. You get to totally demolish your keyboard and it will still work afterward, now who wouldn't want that.

In any case, make a picture of it before demolishing. or make a drawing because otherwise you wont remember the layout (photographic memory could help here)

So what to do:

1. put your knife, screwdriver or death ray underneath your key and push down on it so your key will pop up (NOTE: when using a death ray just put it underneath the keyboard and activate it, effectively blows it in to allot of pieces)
2. do it again
3. repeat 1 and 2 until your whole keyboard is down
4. now start doing your numpad and f keys
5. continue
6 repeat 5
7. go to next step when done

PS: start on a corner key, I suggest ctrl on the left bottom.

Step 3: Clean Your Keys.

In this step you will use your damp tissue and your Q-tip.

1. clean a key on all four sides and on the top using your tissue.
2. using your Q-tip clean it on the bottom (and on the inside, this is neccesary because you held it upside down and shook it, remember?
3. repeat allot.

Step 4: Clean the Keyboard Itself.

now go get your blowing device.

1. brush through the keyboard to make the debris go all loose.

2. blow everything away. this will help allot

Step 5: Putting It Together and Enjoy the Non-crunchy Sound.

Now put it together, you will type with new comfort.

look at pic 2 and 3 for before and after in the guts
look at pic 4 and 5 for before and after on the board.

Thank you all. Enjoy instructables.

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    13 years ago on Step 5

    Oh wow, such an improvement! This inspires me to go and clean my nasty keyboard, lol. Thanks for sharing!