How to Download Video's From YouTube!

Introduction: How to Download Video's From YouTube!

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Do you want to know how to download videos from YouTube on line with out downloading any programs or paying anything

> Fast
> Loads of Formats to choose from
> Very Very Simple

Click on the "next step" button to find out what to do!...

Step 1: Youtube

First find your YouTube Video...

2. then at the top of your page there should be a URL starting something like this.. http://youtub

3. Press Ctrl + C at the same time...

Step 2:

Now, right click on this and select "Open page in new tab"...

Click inside the box with the two examples under it and press Ctrl + V

Now click Next Step

Step 3: Selecting the Format

If you know what format you want then select what you want, but if you don't know what any of them mean then just select mpg...

Click Next Step

Step 4: Step 4

On this page do not click anything just click NEXT STEP...

Nearly done!

Just click next step

Step 5: Download It

Now... wait until... you get a Download Now Button


Step 6: Your Video and Extra Info

Your video should now be downloading/downloaded

When it has downloaded, click it, the video is yours


> Instructable by eddydragon8

For the Pro's

> You may find Zamzar easier!

Thanks for reading, hope it works, Please comment, Please Subscribe, If anything goes wrong mail me, Eddy ;) x

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I do not like to download videos by using online download websites. I prefer to use software. I always use Total Video Downloader for Mac to download and save online videos to my Mac. This App supports so many video sharing sites!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think the best way to do it is with youtubebyclick

    You should try it


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I like Clip Nabber because it is fast and easy. You don't have to download anything. Also it can be downloaded in .mpg4 for your IPod. NO COVERTING!!!!!! There is also Tune Nabber that is fun for getting free songs. But the Instructable was helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like youtube downloader. Just add the url and it downloads it then you can convert it with or without the video to 7 different outputs. Its a free download and i haven't had any problems or so far.