Introduction: How to Play Airsoft

a general guide to airsoft and corresponding rules

Step 1: Location

You have to understand that %90 of the public is uneducated about airsoft. Each person will lean either way, real life threat, or a toy gun. So you should find a place out of the general public, public wood, no private land.

Now, your area has to be classified as feild, CQB or skirmish. A feild battle would be generally long distance, higher power guns (350-500fps) CQB or skirmish would be "close quarter battle" or a skirmish, generally quick close range fights.

Step 2: Players

Age is one of the most important parts of the game, generally from ages 10-50. But with the younger ages you have to understand its really only completely suitable for ages of about 15-50 I should say.

You do want to have to have reliable and devoted players, without this you never have any guarantee of having enough members. Just be shore you can trust them, that's all.

Step 3: Guns

Airsoft Gun Class-

Usually quite powerful, but single shot (cock then shoot)
Pistols, Rifles, and commonly used sniper rifles (spring)

High prised, depending on what you pay you can get up to about 450
fps with upgrades, usually these guns are plastic, with about %30
metal parts. Also these guns are fully automatic, or semi, even burst fire.
powered by electric, battery

Usually 350-450 fps, powered by green, or red gas, HFC-34, or even co2.
Normally only found in pistol, but very acurate, and are priced from $50-$300

Step 4: Damage

You might be wondering how much these guns heart (pain)? Here is a chart:

Step 5: Legal Issues

laying airsoft is legal in most parts of the world, but not all. Some countries have specific restrictions [9] such as maximum muzzle velocity, aka FPS (feet per second) rules against using the trademarks of real firearms, and 'unrealistic' coloring as to distinguish them from actual firearms. They are legal throughout the U.S, but restrictions exist in certain cities such as Camden, NJ, Newark, NJ, Chicago, IL, and Detroit, MI. The states of New Jersey, Illinois, New York and Michigan do, however, do not allow airsoft guns to be used and handled publicly because of the striking resemblance to real firearms, although Federal and State laws regard airsoft guns as toys. Also orange tip on the muzzle of your gun is required by US law.