Introduction: How to Throw a Card

This is how to throw a playing card.
the components you will need are below.

a few cards, patience and PRACTICE!

Step 1: How to Hold the Card

Firstly hold the corner of the card in between your first and second fingers.
As in the imamge below

Also as in the second picture, curl you two last finger down beside the card. And the bottom corner of the card rested against your palm.

Step 2: How to Throw

The next step is tricky.
curl your arm up and have the card/hand facing sideways, as in the picture. bring your arm up, still curved, and as in the second picture rotate your wrist round and make your arm flow, sharply down.

Step 3: How to Throw.

next, while twisting your wrist stop when straight and make your arm flow and sharply flick your wrist,
throwing your hand down and release the card in a spin.

Step 4: Finishing Up.

follow these steps and the video, and PRACTICE ALOT!!! and you will become a master.

for the throw the main components are lateral speed and imparting spin.

throwing cards/my youtube <<<< VIDEO!