Introduction: Howling Football YADI!

This is no ordinary football, it has a tail and howls in the wind as you throw it. Think of this as a craft you can make instead of buying one whole, with things you can find around the house!

This is a great way to Transform that Old football into a NEW and Exciting Howler!

YADI! Yet Another DIS Instructable. Please follow us at MyWlakeTech. Feel free to comment on how these 6th graders can improve their Making and Instructabl skills.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  • Foam Football
  • Foam (bottom tips and base)
  • Glue ( or anything else sticky to hold it together)
  • Tape
  • Anything costum
  • Scissors

Step 2: Form Base

Form the base so the football stays in but not all the way out. Essentially you will be making a cylinder with the paper for the base. Then glue the football onto the base, if needed secure the base cylinder with tape

Step 3: Cut Tail Slots and Fins

  1. Cut slots into the base to insert tail fins
  2. Cut triangles to fit into slots to act as fins and glue
  3. Insert fins.
  4. Let Dry

Step 4: Summary

At first I was skeptical on the whole idea and considered passing it up and brainstorming some more. But, I looked around and found all the supplies and was able to buy them together.. It turned out way better than I expected and is a lot of fun to use outside. The biggest challenge was trying to get the wings to stay in place while the glue dried.

Made by DIS Demon


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