Introduction: How to Make an Egg & Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

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One of my favorite, fast breakfast options is the egg & chorizo burrito. I won't speak to how healthy it may or may not be, but it tastes great, takes very little time to make (and can easily be made the night before) and transports extremely well. All great elements of a breakfast food.

You will need:

2 large eggs
1 chorizo link
1 tortilla
some shredded cheese
wax paper or aluminum foil

Step 1: Remove Casing From Chorizo Link

Not all chorizo comes quite this well packaged, but it all pretty much needs to be removed from the casing. Some folks prefer to do this after it's cooked a few minutes, but I prefer to squeeze it out of the casing into the pan.

Step 2: Cook Chorizo

This works a lot like cooking ground meats. You have to break it up into more manageable chunks as it browns. I've found that cooking it at about 3/4 of max heat works well but you should experiment with your own stove. Once it's been broken up into bite-sized pieces though it's pretty easy to cook it through correctly.

Step 3: Add Eggs

I find that 2 eggs works quite nicely with your average sized tortilla, but you can of course adjust quantities to meet your needs. Ideally you want to find the right combination that will give you a nice breakfast-sized burrito.

Step 4: Heat Tortilla

Right about now is when I heat up the tortilla on another burner. I'm used to using a gas stove so I often heat tortillas right on the flame. On an electric stove you get a slightly different effect.

I may really hate my current stove, but I will miss the spiral marks on my tortillas once I replace it.

The heat for the tortilla should be about 25-30% of max and you should be able to finish cooking the eggs/chorizo in about the time it takes to fully warm the tortilla.

Step 5: Making the Burrito Pt 1

If I'm going to wrap up the burrito I'll usually put my wax paper or aluminum foil beneath it prior to putting the filling inside. Normally I'd also add the cheese to the mixture prior to transferring it to the tortilla but I forgot this time and added it afterwards. The cheese is there for flavor and to help bind things up once the mixture cools a bit so it can pretty much go in at any time after the egges.

I start out by putting the whole thing roughly in the middle of the tortilla and setting that up towards the edge of the wax paper.

Step 6: Rolling Rolling Rolling

I've found that using the wax paper to help roll the burrito works very well. once the filling is in the middle I scoot the tortilla towards the end of the paper, grab the edge of paper and start rolling the tortilla and the paper together. I do this just enough to get a nice full roll on the tortilla before I fold in the edges to keep everything contained in it's package. Then I continue rolling the burrito & paper until it's become a nice log shaped object.

Step 7: The Finished Product

and here you have your finished breakfast burrito ready to cool off in the fridge or be carried off to work. If you let it cool down a bit the filling will semi-set and the burrito will have a nice amount of structural integrity so you can eat it on the go (if you go unwrapping it as you eat it the paper will also contribute to it's stability).

You can make these the morning of or even the weekend before and they keep very well in the fridge for a week or so (and they freeze well too). You might have noticed that I added no salt or other spices and that's because the chorizo itself has a great taste on it's own but you can (of course) always experiment with what you put in this. Consider this the baseline egg & chorizo breakfast burrito.