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Introduction: Htd Eyes (new)

About: My name is Hannah B, I'm 13, and I love to draw! You can see more of my drawings on my instagram! My username is @drawing.addict The end and stuff

I decided to make a new version of my instructable, "htd eyes". I look back at it... Well, I was twelve when I made it, but I thought I could do a better job now. (Also I was bored)

All you need to make this is a pencil and paper. Like, you don't even need anything fancy. I had a piece of printer paper and I just picked up a broken #2 pencil and started drawing.

Step 1: Steps... :P

•*•._€.-For the tenth picture, I kind of scribbled close to the eyelid, then used my finger to smear it so it looks 3d.

Thanks for looking at my instructable! I hope you like it! -."•*~'

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    6 years ago

    Eyes and hands are so hard to draw. I'm favoriting this one so I can try it soon. It looks very 3D/ realistic.