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Welcome to my new video, Its very beautiful cardboard African tribal and traditional wall hanging mask. It creates unique attraction of your room.Final look is really amazing, you may try it .

Step 1: Preparation of Cardboard

I drew required shape on cardboard. Apply water on it and bend it on any PVC pipe, leave it for 24 hours to set it. Now paste remaining parts of mask on it. I got the required shape .

Step 2: Smooth Effect

For making it smooth I used wall primer, distemper and PVA glue (mixture) . Apply it on all the surface. After dry I used sand paper on it. Black spray paint is best for it.

Step 3: Carving / Design on Metal Sheet

I used metal sheet for mask. I used different tools to design on it.Its very easy to make and looks amazing.I have showed you different and easy techniques yo make pattern on it.

Step 4: Coloring and Final Look

For coloring I used red and copper color . Now few pics are here .

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