Introduction: Confetti Eggs (Mexicano)

These are regular chicken eggs filled with confetti. They are used in the Mexican parties to have fun with friends and family or simply get revenge on an enemy.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

.colorful paper
.baby powder
.something sharp
.pokey/ pointy object
. Bowls

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Eggs

Take your pointy object and poke the egg until there is a hole at the top of the eggs.

Step 3: Empty Out Eggs

Once the hole is made in the egg empty out the eggs by holding them upside down until it's all out. When most of the inside is out, place the eggs into a bowl with water to clean them. After a 5 minute soak in water take them out to dry.

Step 4: Making the Confetti

To make the confetti, cut the colorful paper into strips and continue cutting into little pieces that would fit in the hole. Unless you want to be a evil you could fill the eggs with baby powder. To get either the confetti or baby powder into the eggs, make a cone shape with the extra paper and put the confetti/ baby powder through the top.

Step 5: Closing the Hole

To close the hole so that the confetti\baby powder doesn't fall out, make a cone shape out of the paper and use glue to keep its shape together. Put some glue on the inside of the cone and stick the egg in. Hold it in place for a while until dry.

Step 6: Attacking Your Victims

First you must target your victims and attack by holding the finished project by the paper cone then crushing the egg on their heads. It's best to attacken when they least expect it.

Step 7: Have a Great Time