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Introduction: Huge Christmas Wall Decor Made With Arduino

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Several days ago, I dreamed that my house become "a world of ice and snow", which looks really lovely and beautiful. the Santa is driving his deer along the icy road that is built by the antler of the Christmas EIK, giving away his presents. There are colorful road signs stand in the crossways leading the Santa Claus to fireplaces...

After wake up, I was inspired to reproduce this huge Christmas wall decor as what I seen in the scenes of my dream.I have actually learned a lot when build it up, like how to make the lever linkage structure, how to refit the firelight, how to welding and how to render a video with 'Keyshot'.

I am really happy to share the making process with you, so I write this instrutable, if some of you are going to build this, please let me know and I'll be glad to help you on anything.

Step 1: The Video

We made a simple video to show you more details about this instructable.

Step 2: ​Meterials

The list below is what I've used:

Electronic modules:


  • Grove - Servo x 2
  • EMAX ES9257 2.5kg/ .05 sec Micro Digital 3D Tail Servo x 1


  • 1189mm*841mm*8mm wood board x 1
  • 1189mm*841mm*3mm wood boardSelf-designed stickers x 1
  • Firelight: I bought this firelight online Bearing x 4

Step 3: The Background

  1. Cut the 1189mm*841mm*8mm wooden board with CNC milling, using Design Drawing1.
  2. Laser Cutting 1189mm*841mm*3mm wooden board using the Design Drawing2.
  3. Put on the sticker with a hot glue gun.

Step 4: The Moving Christmas Man

  1. Lasting Cutting four boards and three robot arm.
  2. Fix the Servo on the Part1 with four boards and four screws.
  3. Set up the lever linkage structure(Put three Bearing in the robot arm,and then connect each parts as instructed in the explosive view)

Step 5: The Turning Road Sign

  1. Fix the Servo with support boards and screws as illustrated in the image.
  2. Paint the bamboo sticks into silver with sprayer, then glued on the road signs.
  3. Fix the road sign sticks made in 1 onto the servos in 2.

Step 6: Transform the Firelight Into the Fireplace

  1. Disassemble the Firelight that was bought online.
  2. Cut the board with a chainsaw and get rid of the parts that are not needed.
  3. Welding with Relay.

Step 7: The Hidden Christsmas Man

  1. Fix the Servo in the position as shown in the image.
  2. Put the Santa on to it.
  3. It will look like that the Santa is moving forward when the servo spin a specified angle.

Step 8: The Christmas Tree

  1. Drill some holes on the tree
  2. Put the Polymeric Optical Fibre into the hole

Step 9: The Deer God

  • Paste the LED lights on the board with the shape of Deer.
  • Welding.
  • Fix the board on the wood with several screws.

Step 10: Hardware Connecion

There are 4 Led strips and 3 Servos, as well as a Grove - Relay, Grove - Button.

And we have a Grove - Lotus, which has more that 12 Grove connector on board.

The connection as below:

  • LED1 > A2
  • LED2 > A0
  • LED3 > D3
  • LED4 > D2
  • Relay > D4
  • Servo1 > D6
  • Servo2 > D8
  • Servo3 > D5

Step 11: Software Works

You can get the code from Github Page.

  1. When you get to the github page, find a Download ZIP button, click to download the code.
  2. The code you downloaded is not an Arduino library, it's a sketchbook, which is include all the library the project need.
  3. Unzip the file you had downloaded from github, you will get a folder named ChristmasX-master.
  4. Open your Arduino IDE, click File > Preferences > Sketchbook Location, browse to the folder we had mentioned above - ChristmasX-master. Then click OK to save it.
  5. Close and re-open Arduino IDE, click File > Sketchbook > main_code, then the main code of this is open.
  6. Choose the right board(UNO) and port to upload the code. Refer to the image above.

Step 12: Have Fun

Christmas is coming soon, Hope you will like this Instructable and have a Merry Christmas.

And I am making another things as well, it's a family photo that has the similar function to this instructable.

If everything goes well be finished days later. And I'd like to show a small video here, Hope you will like as well.


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    1 year ago

    I really want to make this, with some of my designer friends!
    I have experiences in Arduino programming, but the mechanical job will need some learning.

    Can you kindly advice me, what the size/diameter of the bearings, nuts and screws that are used? Thank you in advance!


    6 years ago

    I bet that was a heap of fun to make! Great work :D

    Seeed Studio
    Seeed Studio

    Reply 6 years ago

    Yeah, you are right. it took me almost a week, but it is really funny to make it.