Huge DIY Clear Work-box! (to Avoid Dust)



Introduction: Huge DIY Clear Work-box! (to Avoid Dust)

This is super simple. It's a big clear plastic storage box that cost me £14 in a local home products store. I think this one was a 45L size.

It's not perfect, but it's much better than nothing, and it has tons of space inside to move tools around.

Step 1: Make It:

I had a spare piece of glass that fit perfectly as the "window" with a gap under it that my hands could fit into. This is fitted instead of the original lid.

I added some cloth with arm-holes in it over the gap below the glass, to prevent dust coming out of the gap. If you don't have glass or acrylic then you could just keep the boxe's original lid and cut holes wherever works for you.

I also added a hole for a vacuum cleaner to connect to. I glued a PVC pipe to the box as the connector to the Vacuum's tube.

Disclaimer: Should not be used for hazardous materials.

Step 2:

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