Introduction: Lightsaber Wall Lamp.

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Some of you know that the force is strong in my family, but sometimes the dark side tries to scare my young Padawan, specially in the nights when he dreams about conquers the Galaxy,but thats no problem for us.

That´s why our main weapon it´s the Lightsaber but not any Lightsaber I´m Talking of my Huge Lightsaber lamp. Let me tell you how I made this piece of awesomeness.

Step 1: The Ancient Art of Scavenging.

Talking about Star Wars TFA t he thing that I most love was the fact that the main character was a scavenger. There is something more sexy than a young Rey scavening in order to trading for some Instant bread.That scene of the movie showed me a true : Scavenging in the Yunkyard has been always a pleasure to me. I found some scrapyard and decided to make some starwars stuff.

In the art of scavening you dont know what you're looking for, you see some shapes and sizes but you don't take the measure tape and sized it. You just know in your guts that there is something out there waiting for you.

All this stuff that I found in the Yunkyard Fits so tight That I didn't need any bolts to fix it.

Step 2: Tools & Stuff.

Tools & materials.

Scavenging in the Yunkyard I found some pieces and my mind started to work:

Motor Guts : 2 Truck Pistons.

Piece of scrap.(I think its a Car snorkel part or something like that )

Plastic Pipe.120 cms.Thinner than PVC Pipes or tubes.

LED Light Bulb.

Electric cable.

Bolts and Nuts. 3/16 x 1".


Electric Drill.

Screw driver.

Measure Tape.

Measure level.


Step 3: The Hilt.

The Hilt of the Lamp is made with two Pistons that I found while scavering in the Yunkyard. I also found a piece of scrap that I dont know where it belongs but fits like a glove in the Pistons.Just with preasure. First I cleaned the pistons with gasoline, then bursh them and clean it.

I drilled a hole in the bottom of each piston where the cable goes to the connections and through the power source.

The bottom of the hilt its a piece of scrap where the first piston fits like a glove , so tight, then comes the second piston this is attached with two pieces of aluminium joined with bolts and nuts in both sides. Finnally comes the LED Light Bulb and the plastic pipe that also fits perfectly.

Step 4: Lightsaber Beam.

The saber beam its made of a plastic Pipe. The whiteness of a LED Light bulb gives it a shine Light Beam.

Step 5: Final Touches.

I put in the holes some plastic cups a red one and I´m looking for a green one. I really like that messy look so I'm not going to apply any painting on it. Once is assembled its ready to install in the wall.

Step 6: Wall Mounting.

Once was finished I Mounted the hilt in the Wall, Taking care with the level that was straight . First I traced a vertical line with the help of the measure level at 45 cms of the floor, then I drawed a horizontal line, making a cross.Then I drilled the holes in the wall with a tungsten drill bit. Once the holes were made I put two Concret anchors. Finnally I attached the Light saber hilt to the wall. The holes of the suppoort were from 1/4" and the Concrete anchors were from 3/16 " in order to adjust the hilt horizontally.

Step 7: Behold !

Surprise Time.! It seems that my young Padawan likes it. The waiting has over, because he couldnt see the process and the mounting process. It was a tottally surprise for him.

I hope you like it . I´m running out of time ! Let me know how do you like it. Please Comment and vote.


Pd: May the force be with you !

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