Huge Minecraft Sorting and Retrieving System

Introduction: Huge Minecraft Sorting and Retrieving System

Say goodbye to all of your chest sorting and retrieving problems with the all new, all awesome Minecraft Redstone sorting and retrieving system! This sorter sorts and retrieves 40 ITEMS!! All these items can be easily sorted and easily retrieved, so I hope you all are having a great day, and enjoy the turorial!

Step 1: When It's Done

Here, I'll show you guys what the sorting system will look like when you are finished, as you can see THERE IS A TON OF REDSTONE AND OTHER THINGS!! Hold on though, don't worry a single bit. We'll go through each step, ensuring you are able to make your first, or next amazing redstone creation!

Step 2: The Interior Design

This part is the part where we will build the part with all of the levers and item frames, or the side of the sorting system that you will see. Good luck and have fun!

Step 3: Lever Redstone

For this step, we are adding in the first redstone part of our sorting system where we will be making a path for the levers to ignite. Good Luck!

Step 4: Redstone Repeater Line

-Make sure that you are using Redstone repeaters on one tick, and one tick only. Good Job so far!

Step 5: Lever Redstone: Part 2

Next, we are working on the second part of the lever redstone where we are making a path that goes over the first area of redstone. You're doing amazing so far!

Step 6: Redstone Repeater Line: Part 2

-Make sure you are always using the Redstone repeaters on one tick, and make sure that you have the right amount of repeaters on the long row going from both repeater lines. (It Should Be 40)

Step 7: Droppers, Pistons, and Redstone Repeaters

Now we are working on the area where the lever redstone lines will end up. This will be part of the retrieval system. Have fun!

Step 8: Hopper Line

Now we are going to be working with A WHOLE BUNCH of hoppers, so be prepared!

Step 9: Chests Galore!

Now, we are working on the HUGE amount of extra storage for the sorting system. This allows you to have a ginormous amount of stacks for each of your items.

Step 10: Hopper Redstone

Now we are working on the redstone that will synthesize the items and make sure that they are sorted into the correct chest when they are inserted into the input. We're so close to being done!

Step 11: Droppers to Hoppers

Now, we are working on the redstone contraption that will transport your items from the input chest to the upper hoppers. Good Job so far!

Step 12: Button Redstone

Now we are working on the redstone that will retrieve your items and take them to the output from the button that is on the right side of the interior. We're pretty much done, we only have ONE MORE STEP!!

Step 13: Adding Your Items to the Hoppers (Last Step! :D)

Lastly, we are working on synthesizing the sorting hoppers so that the items know which chest they are supposed to go into. After this, Congratulations! YOU have finished your awesome Minecraft redstone sorting system, and I bet it looks awesome! I hope you all have a great day and don't forget to leave a vote if you enjoyed the video!

-Aiden :)

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    4 years ago

    Awesome! I'll have to try it!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This has got to be the most impressive Micecraft machine that I have ever seen. Very nicely done.