Huge Movie Screen

Introduction: Huge Movie Screen

I found some material from a spot that used to be a studio at one of my uncles warehouses, so i figured i would put it to use.  The materal was a silky white fabric.  It almost looks like it has a blueish tint.  I had been thinking of putting together a screen for my very large workshop (about 75ft x 30 ft) but the price of materials was really holding me back.   With this material the cost went down significantly.  I ended up only spending about $80 at home depot on wood and some brackets.

I noticed that the silky white material was a little transluscent so I decided to use black out paper behind the fabric material in order to not lose any light. I already had the blackout paper so that was a plus.  The result was actually a very crisp and bright picture.  No complaints whatsoever.  

The viewable screen size is 16' x 9' (16:9) aspect ratio.  The size of the entire structure is 17' x 10' x 2"

Check out some of the pictures I took along the way and let me know what you think.

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