Introduction: Hugging Cloak (for Covid-19)

The coronavirus outbreak caused psychological and behavioral problems as well as biological effects. Because of the spread and effects of the virus, people began to move away from each other. The fact that people who are afraid to hug and kiss their loved ones, especially those with children, act more cautiously in this situation, affects both the child and the parent negatively. I have worked on a product where people working with risk can make emotional bonds with their families and contact them without being nervous.

Scientific research supports that touch stimulation is absolutely necessary for our physical and emotional health. Hugging overcomes loneliness, fears, tension. When we hug, our body begins to secrete oxytocin and serotonin. These hormones activate the immune system.


- Configurable, middle wire

- Airtight fabric

- Needle, thread, scissors

My measurements are :

Length of fabric: 280 cm

Width of fabric: 80 cm

The radius of the area our head will cover: 20 cm

Step 1: Let's Start !

First of all, we start by sewing the airtight fabric around our wire.

Since my sewing machine is not working, I sew machine by hand. You can also use a sewing machine.

Step 2: Let's Create the Form

While developing the project, I made sketches and prepared the form by making use of my sketches.

The drawing on the left is the product drawn using perspective. The drawing shown by the arrow at the top is a top view of the product.

Considering these drawings, we shape the wire we sew our fabric.

The area we see in the shape of S is adjusted to surround our head. Thus, we are protected from air flow.

Step 3: Result - Hug Fearlessly

The aim of the project was to design the interface at the moment of hugging rather than being a wearable product. I did not limit the movement area of the fabric, as the way each person's hug is different. So I didn't wire the four sides. There are wires in the area covered by our head to keep the S shape, and on both sides.

The product can be positioned around the outer door so you can hug with it people from outside. You can have a hanger near your door. So the product can be stored like a hanging shirt. When you want to use the product, you can slide it and move it to the area.

You can wash the fabric to disinfect it.

If you still feel uneasy, you can use a mask.

I hope we will get through these difficult times as soon as possible and do not have to use a product to hug. However, at this time, we cannot perform the hugging action we need most, and I think this is a big problem. I have worked on a product that we can overcome this fear, I hope it will be useful.