Introduction: Eccentric-hub Scooter / Bike (no Pedals)

Tim and Gael want to build a Hula bike .

Main Problem : how to easily displace the hub from the center of the wheel ? Play around with spokes ? No ! way too painful . But Tim is a carpenter and has access to a router . 

So They decided to craft it out of plywood planks . Quick, easy,  strong enough, not that awful, and works fine.

Step 1: Wheel Building .

For this step, we used a router to cut two planks into circles . We cut them in two parts, at 1/3 of the edge to be able to put them around the hub. The hub being wider on its extremities, we couldn't simply drill a hole and slide it onto the hub . We took care to alternate the cutting directions , so the wooden assembly stay strong .

Also, we checked the 1/3 rapport was good enough to allow the wheel to spin without rubbing against the frame . It was a wheel from a smaller bicycle .

Step 2: Bike Structure and Finishing Touches .

We took the pedals off, raunchily welded a bar instead, at the extremities of which we placed inner tubes straps, for user's relative safety. The front berake stayed in place, but we of course had to take off the rear one . It could be possible to have one, but our goal was to keep things easy to set up .

Step 3: Extra Special Bonus Videos

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