Human Detection Box - Prototype

Introduction: Human Detection Box - Prototype

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Hello everyone!

In this project, we will be learning how to make a Human detection box. For this project we will be using a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to detect movements, animals or humans (anything else that emits IR radiation). One drawback of this project may include that the alarm in the box can be falsely triggered by wind or sudden change in surrounding temperature.

This box is useful in areas where humans or animals are restricted.

Mains electricity is extremely dangerous. Safety must not be compromised. Here are few safety precautions that you must follow when you handle mains electricity:


  1. Arduino Uno/ Arduino Nano
  2. Solderless Breadboard - Mini
  3. Power Bank - 10000 mAh
  4. Male-to-Male Jumper wires - 10 cm (x2)
  5. Female-to-Male Jumper wires - 20 cm (x9)
  6. PIR sensor
  7. Buzzer module (KY-012)
  8. Relay module
  9. LED - any colour
  10. Resistor - 1 kΩ
  11. USB 2.0 Type A cable (Power bank)
  12. USB 2.0 Type A/B cable (Arduino Uno)

Step 1: Setup

For a detailed explanation of the setup, please watch the YouTube video posted at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Connections

  • Relay module - D3
  • Buzzer module - D5
  • PIR sensor - D6

(+) pins of all three components were connected to 5V, while (-) pins were connected to GND (Ground).

Step 3: Coding

*The codes are incomplete. You can either request the codes at or write them according to your interest.

Step 4: Final Look

Congratulations! You have now completed this project.

Take a look at the YouTube video above to see if it works good

If anyone has any questions or suggestions about this projects, please comment them below or feel free to send them at

Second version: The second video in this section.

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    2 years ago

    So, this sounds quite interesting, whilst somewhat creepy. I love it!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. Creepy? :-o
    Why do you think it's creepy?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Well, "human detector" versus "IR sensor" would be the difference. But...your title is awesome.