Introduction: Human Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

This Instructable shows how to build an Electric Motorcycle with Pedals which provide Human Assistance. I used to drive my car to the gym to sit on a stationary bike. Seemed really dumb. Now I can run my errands and get my exercise at the same time all while keeping up with traffic. You maintain a normal bicycle cadence and provide additional range between 15 mph and 70 mph. Or, you can just go along for the ride..pedaling is completely optional.

Step 1: Strip Down the Gasoline Powered Motorcycle

Step 2: Adapt Pedals to the Motorcycle

The pedals need to be spaced far enough apart to clear the batteries.

Step 3: Combining Pedal and Electric Power

The two systems need to interface properly. There are two freewheels on the bike side to assure that the pedals do not turn unintentionally. With the large counter sprocket a wide variety of gear ratios are available. The pedals turn the bike gear cluster which turn the counter shaft thru the frame which turn the large sprocket which turns the motor shaft. The motor is set up as direct drive to the rear wheel

Step 4: The Bike Is Done!

Now just need to ride and enjoy it!