Introduction: Human Following Robot Using Arduino Uno Below 20$

so I made this robot about an year ago and I loved it it can follow you anywhere and everywhere. this is the best alternative for a dog. it is still with me till now. I also have a youtube channel where you can see the process of making it in the video (link below) . so let us get started

Step 1: Step 1: Collect All the Necessary Parts

1) Arduino Uno

2) Motor Driver Shield

3) Wheels (4x)

4) TT Gear Motor (4x)

5) Servo Motor

6) Ultrasonic Sensor

7) Infrared Sensor (2x)

18650 Li-on Battery (2x) -

7) 18650 Battery Holder

8) Male and Female Jumper wire

9) Acrylic Sheet (13cm * 9.5cm)

10) DC Power Switch

Step 2:

hot glue the motors and the wheels to the base and let them dry

Step 3:

take the arduino uno and place it on top of the base and stick it . after that take the motor driver and adjust the pins on top of the arduino board . connect the wires from the motors to the motor driverleaving a gap of 1 space between every motor on the side of the motor driver (see the photo above)

Step 4:

add the servo motor to the front of the base as shown in the above picture

Step 5:

take an acrylic piece and try to bend it using flame to make it in the above shape and make two holes in the bottom

Step 6:

screw the acrylic piece to the servo motor top using screws and it should look something like the above picture

Step 7:

now take an small rectangular acrylic sheet with big holes and add the ultrasonic sensor into the hole and add the two infrared sensor to the two sides of the rectangular sheet and it should look like the above picture

Step 8:

now add the battery case to to below portion of the base and connect it to the arduino to power it up . use this circuit diagram to wire them all properly and this code in arduino to activate it

Step 9:

now play with it as much as you want or wish to it will follow you every where no matter where you go (except for the bathroom)

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