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Introduction: Human Puppet

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These are quite simple, professional puppets to make. You'll have your own professional human puppet made in just a few simple steps! 
Here are some materials you will need: 
-A puppet head and body pattern, I used this great free pattern, You could also buy a pattern off of Project
-1/2" poly-urethane foam (get at fabric or craft stores, usually comes in green) 
-1" poly-urethane foam (get at fabric or craft stores, usually comes in green)
-Fleece your choice in color (I bought antron fleece, which is a higher grade of fleece, I buy my antron fleece from Out of the Box
-Contact Cement
-Fish filter tubing
-Fishing line
-Doll wig or hair extensions
-Plastic craft eyes (I buy mine from Out of the Box Puppets) 
-Black fun foam (optional) 
-Foam Board
-Black Fleece
-Fake eyelashes (optional) 
-Blush (optional) 
-1" Styrofoam ball
-Baby cloths

Let's get started! 

Step 1: Foaming the Puppet

Cut out the 1" foam and glue it together with contact Cement (contact cement needs to be applied in small quantities to the edges of the puppet, make sure the glue is tacky before you stick the sides together) I also added breast to one of my puppets to give it a more mature look. You can do so by forming crayola air dry clay to the shape wanted and then glue it onto the foam. Once at this stage follow pattern directions to create the puppet skin. 

Step 2:

Create the head the same way you created the body. Follow directions listed on your pattern. I also sewed the edges of the fabric onto the foam to give it a clean edge. Cut and sew a rectangular piece of fabric and sew it to the hear  of the puppet to create a neck. At the base of the neck I created a circle (made of the fish tank tubing) and wedged a small wooden dowel peg in between the two ends of tubing to join them. Now I sewed the neck around the tube to create an entrance ring.  The arms of the puppet are made by drawing the arm shape onto a piece of fabric then cutting and sewing it. Once that is done you stuff it with Poly-fill.  

Step 3:

Now we can add the eyes! Simply snip a little hole for where you want to put the eyes and insert them into the holes. Now secure the eyes in the back with the plastic lock provided. 

Step 4:

I purchased a doll wig and and sewed that to the head as well.  

Step 5:

Now I got a scrap of blue antron fleece and hot glued them around the eyes then glue the excess to the back of the eye. Put a little dab of glue along the edge of the eyelid and attach the eyelashes.  

Step 6:

Add doll cloths and tie up the arms using fishing line by putting a stitch from the wrist going all the way to the cheek of the puppet. Apply some blush to cheeks as needed. 
And You're Done! 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    How much Antron Fleece do you need per puppet?


    8 years ago

    Love the design!!!!